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Best Fire Ever!

Where We Were Today... July 23, 2015
Tanna, Vanuatu

Catherine's cruising handle is 'Sparky', so imagine her delight when Mount Yasur, a very active volcano in Tanna, gave us a pyrotechnic show unlike any other. Plumes of ash blasted from the vents along with lava and chunks of rock the size of our dingy. And we were sitting right on the very edge of the crater. Read our July 23rd, 2015 entry >

Where We Were Today... July 17, 2010
Savusavu, Fiji

We were summoned to meet the village chief in Nabouwalu Bay (we thought we were in trouble) it turned out she was just curious to meet us. She was 93 years old (her younger sisters were 90 and 80-something). We took photos, and the next day presented a framed print for the family. It was the only photo they would possess of the sisters together. As a deep show of their gratitude, the family later presented us with an elaborate tapa. Read our July 17th, 2010 entry >

Where We Were Today... July 9, 2012
Tahanea, French Polynesia

Our independence, freedom, and the security we felt that came from our self-reliance were among the most valuable discoveries we made on our long voyage around the world. Here Dream Time rests in an uninhabited atoll, 250 square nautical miles of paradise, in the middle of the South Pacific, that we had entirely to ourselves. Read our July 9th, 2012 entry >

Where We Were Today... July 3, 2015
Pentecost, Vanuatu

We have witnessed fire walking ceremonies in Fiji, heiva in Tahiti, lakalaka in Tonga, haka dances in New Zealand, even a four day matava'a o te henua enana festival in the Marquesas, but none compare to the unforgettable intensity of naghol. Read our July 3rd, 2015 entry >

The Tip
Where We Were Today... July 1, 2018
Cape York, Australia

Every year a handful of intrepid Australians driving military-grade 4x4s, complete with snorkels, roo bars and enough spares to build a second truck, drive to the top of Australia. After sailing around Cape York we got a ride from Frank and Wendy who said it would be 'criminal' not to make the pilgrimage by road and stand on The Tip. Read our July 1st, 2018 entry >