The World - In a Nautilus Shell

Where We Were Today... October 31 2016
New Caledonia

One of our most treasured discoveries during our world voyage was time - reclaiming it, having enough of it to meet and make new friends, to read, to relax, and to get creative. To celebrate ten years behind the mast we carved the world on a nautilus shell we found on a remote island in New Caledonia's lagoon. The antique nautical chart is in a style used by early cartographers, depicting the western and eastern hemispheres, complete with a few tall ships sailing traditional trade wind routes, windrose lines crossing the globe, and even a sea monster lurking in the high latitudes. Read our October 31st, 2016 entry >

Why Hurry?

Where We Were Today... October 13 2012
Fakarava, French Polynesia

Only 2,430 nautical miles. 2012 was our slowest year in cruising. But it was also one of our best. Read our October 13th, 2012 entry >

Hello Atlantic!

Where We Were Today... October 6 2019
Sailing from the Mediterranean Sea to the Canary Islands

It took three attempts to leave the Spanish mainland with strong currents, heavy fog, and a busy shipping lane to clear before we could stretch our sails. Read our October 6th, 2019 entry >

The Door to Africa

Where We Were Today... October 2 2019
Tangier, Morocco

The 'door to Africa' - exploring a network of hidden alleyways and bazaars in an ancient port city that dates back to 10,000 years BC. Read our October 2nd, 2019 entry >

One Dollar

Where We Were Today... October 1 2013
Pago Pago, American Samoa

Sporting names like 'Titanic Hero', 'Happy Valley' and 'Sunset Express', we trundled around American Samoa for the entire day in a fleet of homemade minibuses, each heavily adorned with fuzzy dice, trinkets and dashboard paraphernalia. Read our October 1st, 2013 entry >