So old it's considered a 'living fossil'

Quick Fix: 20° 27.0 S / 167° 24.4 E
June 25th, 2016 (day 3,313)
Conditions:  Wind: 4/N  Sky: Clear

A Historic Find
They witnessed the arrival and demise of dinosaurs. In fact, they were exploring oceans before our continents had even settled into place, a
nd unless we really screw things up they'll still be here long after we've gone. The cephalopod, or chambered nautilus, which has survived for 500 million years, swims backwards using jet propulsion, has sealed chambers filled with a mixture of nitrogen gas and saline to regulate buoyancy, allowing it to sink to depths of over 2,000 feet, and today, while beachcombing on an uninhabited island on Ouvea's northern rim, we found one just laying on the sand at the high tide mark. New Caledonia's official emblem features a nautilus shell, so we've found the perfect souvenir.


A new generation of sailors learning the ropes

Quick Fix: 20° 38.8 S / 166° 32.0 E
June 21st, 2016 (day 3,309)
Conditions:  Wind: 12/ENE  Sky: Clear

Local Sailors
We're anchored a third of the way up Ouvea lagoon. We've been here a week, long enough for Dream Time to become an unofficial marker for the local sailing school. Hobie cats, windsurfers, and dinghies not much bigger than bathtubs provide afternoon entertainment as they tack, jibe, drift and collide around our boat. The fleet, captained by smiling, shouting, waving Kanak children, know us well now and happily shout, 'Hey New York!, NEW YORK!!!' every time they pass. Last week we had a steady 20 knots of wind, perfect for kite surfing, but as locals don't allow it here we had a race instead - Dream Time against our new Australian friends on catamarans Serenity 44 and Entice, and much to Serenity's disgust, we matched their speed - hey Greg, you still owe us a beer, mate!




Nick Saull at his company, Brin Wilson Boat Builders, in New Zealand - we'll miss you, mate.

A Tragic Loss
June 15th, 2016

We are deeply saddened to learn that two days ago our friend Nick Saull tragically died at sea whilst sailing from New Zealand to Fiji.

Nick was a gentle man, incredibly kind, caring, humble, and he will be profoundly missed.

To his wife, Jan, his four children and his family, our thoughts are with you. We are truly sorry for your loss.


June 11th, 2016   |   Oooo, Ouvea  25km of uninterrupted powdery sand with a gleaming turquoise backdrop, what's not to love.


June 11th, 2016   |   Ouvea  Fun chasing beach bubbles.


Day 3,299 - Ouvea (20° 43S 166° 25E)
18:19hrs - June 11th 2016
Oooo, Ouvea!

Good timing can really make a huge impact on an experience, and we have magically managed some brilliant timing with our first visit to Ouvea. Not only did we have one of those rare perfect sailing days with warm sun and just the 'right kind' of wind to spirit us over here, but we arrived in time for a 3 day festival that's held once a year that we thought we were going miss because it's usually in July. But actually it's now!! And we are anchored right in front of it. Ta da!

We went ashore this morning to find the Chief and make our introductions and after a very gracious island president took time out of her very busy festival day to talk to us we went to explore the Fete de Lagon. Everyone on the island is here and there is something for everyone. Music, food, tour de Ouvea bicycle races, kayaks, children chasing bubbles, weaving competitions and dogs with coconuts, all happening at the same time. We were even interviewed by the local TV station to give our visiting tourist view of the day, ahh, fame at last! 

On top of all that epicness, I think Ouvea may be the closest place to perfect that New Caledonia has to offer. Apart from being a beautiful lagoon, which we love, it has awesome people, a very very cool bakery with an outside wood-burning oven (originally built in 1957) against a limestone cliff, white sand palm fringed beach as far as the eye can see and bananas and coconuts. So I think I'm set here for the foreseeable future, Australia may have to wait!





June 1st, 2016   |   Drueulu   It's our anniversay! Nine years ago we moved onto Dream Time to begin our world voyage, not a bad anchorage to celebrate.