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Where in the World Are We?!
February 26, 2021
Exumas, Bahamas

Fiji? New Caledonia? Australia?

Today we sailed to a new anchorage, it was only a short sail, but it feels a little like we're back in the South Pacific anchored, perhaps, off Ile des Pins in New Caledonia, or the Yasawas in Fiji, or maybe somewhere in the Whitsundays. Landlubbers dream of greener grass somewhere over the horizon, cruisers, or at least those wandering the decks of Dream Time, ponder if waters elsewhere could possibly offer any more shades of aqua, if sands could be any whiter, or finer.

Tonight Dream Time rests in familiar waters, a nirvana of tropical luminescence, similar to the most coveted cruising regions in the world. The beach is void of any footprints, other than our own, and tomorrow, when the trade winds build to 18 knots, we will launch our kite and surf over a sandy seabed with just two feet under the board in water so clear, and still, it'll feel like levitation. Catherine, AKA, Sparky, will no doubt light a beach fire, and we will spend the evening torn between gazing at the stars and a full moon, or the flickering flames of a driftwood fire.

We have only been in the Bahamas for one month, and it is a little ironic that after spending thirteen years circling the world, we may have found one of the best cruising regions, right here, on our back doorstep.

A Nutty Treat
February 23, 2021
Exumas, Bahamas

We've found coconut palms, which is a rare treat in the Bahamas. We've got fresh nuts to chew, and a few shells to carve.

Waiting For Wind
February 14, 2021
Sandy Cay, Bahamas

A perfect kite beach - all we need now is some wind.

Shark Circles
February 13, 2021
Big Majors Spot, Bahamas

This shark circled Dream Time five times today. It's a Caribbean nurse shark, a friendly fish, unless, that is, you're a mollusk or tasty crustacean.

Piggy Paddle
February 11, 2021
Big Majors Spot, Bahamas

The Galapagos may have giant tortoises, Darwin's finches and marine iguanas, but they can't lay claim to the world-famous paddling piggies!

Clear Water
February 10, 2021
Exumas, Bahamas

Suspended over a shadow.

A Strategic Sail South
February 10, 2021
Exumas, Bahamas

Today, with all three sails stretched against brisk easterly winds, we plunged south down through the Exuma island chain and right past an impressive list of Trip Advisor must sees: an island full of curious iguanas, the wreckage of Pablo Escobar's sunken drug plane, friendly nurse sharks, a scenic estuary ideal for mellow kayaking nature lovers, hiking trails, caves, dive sights... By day's end we were anchored off a white sand beach populated almost entirely by pigs. Yep, pigs. These friendly swine swim right out to greet visitors and for a fistful of carrots will happily endure hordes of GoPro swinging tourists. It's not that we have a particular affinity for pigs, or that we're in a hurry, it's more of a practical matter.

You see, today the wind shifted from the southeast, the prevailing wind direction, to the east, which for the mariner bound for southern shores represents an opportunity to sail in the desired direction without motoring into seas or zigzagging forward. We have a strategy, and that is to visit the very southern and remote region of the Bahamas, to enjoy an area less likely to be disturbed by wintery cold fronts while enjoying cooler temperatures in lower latitudes that become hot and humid closer to summer months. And in April, when the cold fronts blow with less enthusiasm and when tropical temperatures begin to rise, we will sail north, to cooler climes, working our way up through the Bahamas, soaking in all the sights with wind comfortably on the stern.

We'll be spending the entire cruising season in the Bahamas, so we have plenty of time, and in June we will point Dream Time's bow north, back to her home port - New York.

February 8, 2021
Exumas, Bahamas

Today we crossed 30 miles of shallow bank that joins Nassau with the Exumas, the average depth was just twelve feet - we've never seen so much turquoise.

5,000 Day Fish
February 7, 2021
Nassau, Bahamas

This is not just another fish photo. Nope. This one is special. Yes it's a wahoo which, according to local fishermen, are the most prized fish of the season. We caught ours on a perfect sail from Andros to Nassau. But what makes this such a special fish is not just because it was caught in idyllic conditions - 12 knots of warm breeze on the beam under sunshine skies and soft seas, but because five thousand days ago today we left New York to explore the world on Dream Time. Yep, that's five thousand days!

It's a special day and cause for celebration. And now, not only do we now have a tasty treat for dinner (wahoo is Catherine's favorite) but we're also beginning to realize that after searching the furthest corners of the world for five thousand days, perhaps we've got one of the best cruising playgrounds right here in our back garden. We've only been in the Bahamas for a few weeks so more investigation is necessary. But so far, at least, we love what we see. More to follow...

Shoal Mates
February 4, 2021
Great Bahama Bank, Bahamas

Skimming across the shallows of the Great Bahama Bank - with a dolphin escort.

Break Wall
February 1, 2021
Bimini, Bahamas

A weather system delivering eight inches of snow to New York is delivering eight feet of surf to the Bahamas. We'll take the surf.

End of the World
February 1, 2021
Bimini, Bahamas

Closed, due to COVID.