Day 2,740 - Temporary Shore Leave: Florida
10:52hrs - December 1st 2014
A Cool Winter Project - Complete

Spring has sprung in New Zealand, summer is just around the corner and it's beginning to heat up outside, but inside it's freezing!

Dream Time's new fridge/freezer project is complete. After Phase One in August (the removal of the old unit and cool box), and Phase Two in September (the fabrication and installation of the custom evaporator plates/cool box and insulation) the talented crew at Brin Wilson Boat Builders in Gulf Harbour Marina have been working on the finishing touches.

Over the last month they fabricated a swanky new countertop, fridge/freezer lids with seals that will actually keep the cold in, and even a folding shelf that extends our workspace by a whole foot - which for kitchen dwellers may not seem like much, but it increases our galley work surface by a whopping 30%.

We considered installing a Corian surface but decided to keep the appearance traditional with a two-tone teak planking inlay to match the rest of the interior. Brin Wilson also fitted new flush-mounted latches, stainless steel handles and teak fiddles, they even applied a few coats of varnish.

Catherine and I return to Dream Time in just four weeks. We're eager to get back to our world adventure, after-all, Vanuatu, New Caledonia and Australia await...



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