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Taking it easy in Winslow

Winslow, Arizona

October 20th
2014 (day 2,699)

Standing on a Corner
Day 9 brings with it our most miles, 233, which is enough to carry us out of Navajo Territory and into Winslow - a sleepy Arizona town made famous by a song written by Jackson Browne and Glenn Frey. The town has a tribute, suitably located complete with a 'flat-bed Ford', massive Route 66 inlay on the road and a bronze statue. This song hit home with many folk, as surprisingly there was a continuous throng of posers and picture takers, with the adjacent gift shops offering the obligatory t-shirts, and yes, we did partake. We finished our day playing pool in a bar with locals. Tomorrow we head southeast, to New Mexico, but riding over 8,000 feet in altitude, we'll keep a close eye on the weather as the temperature is expected to plummet from the 90 degrees we're used to, to the low 30's! - Steve


Eagles fans would get this Winslow's famous corner Steve, mission accomplished Back on 66 Heading south to New Mexico Long roads, no traffic Climbing to 7,000 feet above sea level - adding layers    

October 20th 2014 (day 2,699)

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Riding along Route 163 into Monument Valley

Monument Valley, Utah

October 19th
2014 (day 2,698)

Day 8 - Monumental!
We are now well and truly in Navajo territory, as we are on their reservation. The Navajo are a proud tribe and set their own rules, such as obeying Daylight Savings Time, where the rest of Arizona does not. This takes us by surprise every time we dip in and out of the reservation or go into Utah. However, the timing of observing nature's marvel that is Monument Valley, is irrelevant as the beauty and awesome nature is timeless. We got Jerry, a local Navajo to act as our guide and take us to areas of the Valley that are not available to tourists in their own cars - necessary as motorbikes are not allowed on the dirt tracks. The landscapes and commentary explaining which movies used the legendary backdrop are impressive to say the least, with the list including John Wayne and Tom Cruise, along with memorable Marlboro adverts. - Steve


Looking east across Navajo territory West Mitten, East Mitten and Merricke Butte West Mitten Butte Archway on the restricted route Jerry, our Navajo guide Another sandstone archway Navajo pictographs carved in the 1300s Navajo pictographs carved in the 1300s Looking north across Monument Valley

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Geting more comfortable on two wheels

Kayenta, Arizona

October 18th
2014 (day 2,697)

Day 7 - Feeling More at Ease
Steve's been riding and racing all manner of motorcycles for over thirty years, at white-knuckle speeds of up to 180 mph, by comparison I only passed my bike test earlier this year, have accumulated just a week's worth of riding, and am happiest when cruising a quarter of my brother's top speed. Perhaps, to compensate for my lack of riding experience, I'm making up for it in appearance - if I can't ride like a serious biker, I'm trying my best to look like one. I've got a week's worth of stubble, I've bought a bandana which I'm wearing in a sort of 80's-style tribute to Axl Rose, along with jeans and a t-shirt which have yet to see the inside of a washing machine. I had a chinwag with a 'real' biker in an old mining town a few days ago, 'enjoy the ride, man' he said, 'but watch out for them cages.' Luckily, except for the Vegas Strip, we've got the old highways almost completely to ourselves. And I'm thankful for that. - Neville


Steve - the rea deal A cool ride into Navjo country The Colorado River Weaved back into Arizona - for the third time Three states: Arizona, Nevada and now Utah! What a backdrop A hot ride! Outside one of our $40/night motels Heading north towards Monument Valley

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Vegas baby!

Las Vegas, Arizona

October 17th
2014 (day 2,696)

Day 6 - Vegas Baby!
Still racking up the miles, over 750 to be precise. The empty and twisty mountain roads that took us into the old mining town of Oatman, complete with pit donkeys that are descendants of the originals, gave way to the desert expanses of Nevada with long straight highways. Vegas attracted us like a magnet, and after a day's ride in 100 degrees, we finally rolled into The Strip. To keep the theme of this road trip going we stayed in the original downtown part of the city in a $40/night motel that gave 'skanky' a new definition. The Strip didn't disappoint and Bellagio was most welcoming and kept the drinks coming free, as long as they could attempt to empty our wallets. The stay was short, as the blackjack is highly addictive, so back on the road and into the mostly 'dry' state of Utah. Stay tuned! - Steve


This way to cheap-ass motel The Bellagio Eiffel Tower on the Strip Big winner! Heading into the mining hills of Oatman Watch out for asses A classic western mining town Old school Back on the road again...

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Matching tees - just like old times!

Kingman, Arizona

October 14th
2014 (day 2,693)

Day 3 - Bad To The Bone?
We finally made it to Route 66, America's most historic highway from Chicago to LA. Even though it's fragmented, little used by modern traffic and well worn in places, it's a nostalgic stretch of tarmac which oozes the spirit of adventure for folks travelling west. Cruisin' on Route 66 riding Harleys is about as good as it gets - the wind in our hair, American classics blasting through our headphones, and for a particularly quiet stretch of highway when we shrugged off the helmets, we felt a little bad to the bone. A few really cool old garages are littered along the road, and we couldn't help but stop and absorb some history. Folks thought we were the real-deal, and seemed a little disappointed with the English accents and the requests for cups of tea! Vegas next... - Steve


Route 66 between Seligman and Kingman Steve on his 2011 Street Glide Pitstop HD Classic A perfect ride! Steve at the General Store in Hackberry A classic Motel 66 on Route 66 - $43 a night!

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Taking a break in Sedona

Sedona, Arizona

October 13th
2014 (day 2,692)

A sequel may not always live up to the original, first time around experience. But, 'The return to AZ', is rapidly turning into an epic adventure of truly memorable proportions. Just 2 days in, Neville and I have already covered 250 miles, drank whiskey in the original bar that The Earp brothers and Doc Holiday frequented, and even posed with a Winchester rifle with obligatory cowboy hats. I wore the black one of course to confirm the 'outlaw' in me...! Our steel horses are performing admirably and munching the miles that only American Iron can. The scenery is of course, as stunning as I vaguely remember from 35 years ago, and is truly not disappointing. Superlatives don't do it justice. Another 12 days to go and every minute will undoubtedly be of epic proportions and unforgettable. Bring it on! - Steve


Heading north on Route 89 Lunch in Wickenberg Prescott's Whisky Row Outside the Palace Saloon Having a few pints with new friends Tom and Bob - thanks guys! At Doc Holiday's bar 110-proof bourbon    

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