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Coconut or catamaran?
Catamaran or coconut, what will you bid on?

Quick Fix: 46° 7.3 S / 175° 00.8 E
March 1st, 2015 (day 2,831)
Conditions:  Anchored Wind: 6/N  Sky: Clear

Let The Bidding Begin!
In a private Californian villa overlooking the Pacific Ocean, with special guest Leonardo DiCaprio, is this year's high-profile SeaChange Summer Party - a live charity auction dedicated to helping raise money and awareness for Oceana. A variety of exclusive items have been generously donated for the event: jewelry, Hampton beach houses, tropical resorts, a week's charter on Hemisphere - the world's largest sailing catamaran... Additionally, we're excited to report that a Dream Time coconut carving will be among the exclusive items to be auctioned. We're sharing an anchorage today with Hemisphere (what' are the odds?!!) and it looks like we have some big competition. But whatever you decide to bid on, please give generously, it's for a really good cause.

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