Quick Fix: 36° 37.2 S / 174° 47.4 E

Gulf Harbour Marina, New Zealand
Conditions: Charged Up

Power. Play.
Enertec Marine, our newest sponsor, has worked closely with us for over a month to prepare Dream Time for our return to cruising. We've installed a new Mastervolt combi unit and control panel to replace a 17-year old system, we've updated our alternator and regulator, they've given our watermaker a complete service, inspected our D400 wind generator, and even organized 'spaghetti junction' - a birds nest of old wiring now neatly arranged with new cables, bus bar and shunt. Best of all, they've given us some great advice, so now we're powered-up, and ready to play - thanks Enertec!

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Quick Fix: 36° 37.2 S / 174° 47.4 E
April 5th, 2015 (day 2,866)
Conditions:  Berthed. Wind: 16/W  Sky: Cloudy.

Samoan Swordfish
I've worked with print, video, animation and interactive media. But over the last eight years, living and cruising aboard Dream Time, if I need a creative fix I turn to whatever I can find, mostly coconuts, no shortage of those in the tropics. But I also carve wood, occasionally whale bone, the variety found by Polynesian families - remains from gentle giants that swam the oceans many years ago. But recently, while in Samoa, I met a local fisherman, a tuna fisherman, who occasionally finds a swordfish on the end of his line. He gave me two old bills. I've just finished carving the first - detailed with Polynesian symbols and plugged with ironwood from the Tuamotus - a tribute to the area this great fish once journeyed, and a region we've spent the last six magical years exploring.