August 15th, 2016   |  Ile aux Goelands, New CaledoniaThe cloud, downloading on Grande Terre.



August 14th, 2016   |  Ile aux Goelands, New CaledoniaA tropical winter afternoon at the beach, with a nice cup of tea.


Quick Fix: 22° 22.4 S / 166° 22.5 E
August 13th, 2016 (day 3,362)
Conditions:  Wind: 10/SW  Sky: Mostly Clear

Earthquake. Tsunami. Waterspout.
Considering it's a holiday weekend the last 24 hours have been surprisingly active.
We're anchored off an island, a sandbar, really, waiting for the wind which is forecast to arrive Monday - 20 knots of pure kite surfing fun. It's an idyllic spot where shallow turquoise waters slope gradually to a patch of white sand no longer than a footie field with nary a palm or shrub to spoil the view. It's an exposed area, though, which some authorities warn to be a day anchorage only as there's little protection from anything other than tradewinds, and certainly not from a tsunami - a warning we received yesterday - after a 7.6 earthquake rocked the seabed, and not from a waterspout either, which swept past our anchorage today while Catherine was out kayaking. Mother Nature seems a little restless today.





August 13th, 2016   |  Ile aux Goelands, New CaledoniaTouchdown.