A bargain.

Quick Fix: 22° 16.6 S / 166° 26.4 E
May 3rd, 2016 (day 3,260)
Conditions:  Wind: 12/ESE  Sky: Clear

End of Cyclone Season Sale - Must Go!
Remember what our brand new cyclone lines looked like just five months ago (No? Click here) - they were
squeaky clean, dazzlingly white, soft and supple, almost too good to get wet. But after laying in the unappealing dregs of Port Moselle's harbour, they now resemble alien tentacles and are covered in a variety of jibbly appendages and crusty formations. We have no idea exactly how we (me, Catherine will go nowhere near them) are going to clean them, but we don't want to leave $500 worth of rope laying at the bottom of the harbour, and if we're going to stand any chance of selling them, then we (me) have to do a little scrubbing. So if you know anyone who wants some 'like new 18mm triple braided rope - only five months old', please direct them to: NauticalBargains@zeroXTE.com.