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  100% of all profits will be donated to Oceana

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Helge and Therese from Coquelicot


What it means when you join the Dream Time CREW
We promise: you won’t be woken from a deep sleep at three in the morning for a night watch; you won’t have to sand the caprail for another coat of varnish; you won’t even be asked to scrape the barnacles off the hull. But when you purchase
a Dream Time ‘World Tour’ CREW t-shirt you will be making a valuable contribution as absolutely 100% of all profits
raised from t-shirts sales will be donated to
Oceana - an international group dedicated to the protection and
conservation of our oceans, marine mammals and sea life.

We truly feel privileged to be sailing around the world living our dream, and created the zeroXTE site as a way to share
our experiences with others, perhaps even inspire some to pursue their own dreams. But now we’re asking for your help. Join our virtual CREW as we circumnavigate the world together online. Order your Dream Time ‘World Tour’ CREW t-shirt today, wear it with pride, and let us all work together to protect our oceans.

Learn more about Oceana, visit their web site at:

Tahitian photoshoot: We would like to thank our Norwegian & Swedish friends from Coquelicot - Helge & Therese, thank you for your support.
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Order your copy today! Learn more about 0ceana. Click here to visit their web site. View design detail View design detail