Phang Nga Bay, Thailand
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23 Years to Lady Musgrave

Read Dream Time's first published story for 2019 in Australia's Cruising Helmsman Magazine


February 10, 2019    |   360 Fun! - Scroll around and take a look at Dream Time perched in Phi Phi Le. Let us know if you like this, if you do we'll post more 360 photos >

February 8, 2019    |   Phang Nga Bay, Thailand - Finding solitude amongst the limestone isles of the Andaman Sea.

February 8, 2019    |   Phang Nga Bay, Thailand - This cave, hidden in the middle of an island, can just barely be entered during an exact tidal state whilst hugging a kayak.

February 4, 2019 (Day 4,267)
Quick Fix: 07° 57.8 N / 98° 23.2 E
Phuket, Thailand

Super Cruisers
The list of friends you'd want to invite onto your boat for 2 weeks, particularly when your boat is only 38 feet long, is, not surprisingly, a select one. Even the dearest of friends, as Livia has confided, "begin to stink after a while." Space is a premium; you all share one tiny bathroom (about the size of those found on domestic flights); while water and power are all rationed like you're surviving an apocalypse. But it helps if your friends are cruisers. We first met Carol and Livia 8 years ago deep in the South Pacific when, as luck would have it, our rhumb lines crossed in French Polynesia. With similar passions we became fast friends and for 2 epic seasons we cruised together, and kite surfed, and spearfished, and scuba dived... and sampled local beers next to driftwood beach fires at sunset, and it was a cruising high. Our reunion has been pure joy and, not surprisingly, even after 2 whole weeks together, we all smell just fine.



February 1, 2019    |   Koh Roi, Thailand - This island group offers a narrow cave entrance into a hong, a collapsed cave hidden inside the limestone cliffs.

February 1, 2019    |   Koh Pan Yi, Thailand - This stilt village, once a quiet fishing community, is home to 1,500 residence and visited by up to 3,000 tourists a day.