South West Rocks, Australia
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Feb 24, 2017     |     South West Rocks


Day 3,553 - Middle Harbour, Australia
21:31hrs - Feb 20, 2017
Keeping the Dream Clean

Now that we've spent a few months exploring Sydney Harbour it's time to go walkabout. We've got an epic trip planned: a drive up the New South Wales coast to see friends on Lake Macquarie and Byron Bay before swinging south on the Pacific Highway for a month on the road to Adelaide. Then a flight will take us over to Perth in preparation for a cruise up the remote northwestern coastline to Darwin - in a camper van! Yep, that's right, for five weeks we're going to live in a camper with an interior that's roughly half the volume of Dream Time.

As we'll be leaving the boat for a few months we've made the usual preparations - pickling the watermaker, removing sails, flushing engines and pumps, but with an abundance of birds in the neighborhood: seagulls, swallows and screaming flocks of marauding cockatoos, we've had to take additional action to secure the boat.

Locals have warned us of the cockatoos penchant for swinging on and chewing expensive wind instruments, and as bird droppings are usually relative to their size (and these are some pretty big birds) the fallout from three months of continuous cockatoo droppings could be catastrophic.

To discourage our little feathery friends from using Dream Time as a swing set and lavatory perch, I've removed our B&G wind instrument, rigged a few dozen cable-tie spikes, and laced about thirty meters of string over spreaders, sail covers and canopies.

Short of fully covering the boat in an elaborate network of nets, a technique employed by a number of local boat owners, our cable-tie and string method will just have to do.

Now, time to hit the road...




Dream Time anchored with cruising friends in Passe Tumakohua makes the 2017 cover of Ocean Voyager!

Feb 14, 2017     |     A little culture at the Art Gallery of New South Wales.


Day 3,547 - Rose Bay, Australia
11:52hrs - Feb 14, 2017
Happy Valentine's Day

I have fallen in love with Sydney. If Earth is the goldilocks planet then I think Sydney may very well be, in my head at least, the goldilocks city. It seems to have exactly the right amount of everything to be just right for a very agreeable human existence. City planners seem to have struck the perfect balance between city, parkland and water, with Sydney Harbour being the shining centerpiece. It is very simply, just right in every way. 

We have been all over the city and the harbor in the last 6 weeks and I'm still not ready to leave. A lovely thing I just read today is that the Royal Botanic Gardens has 3,964 trees, which has made me very happy. The gardens are right on the water's edge beside the Opera House and it has, along with all those trees, acres and acres of soft hilly grass to roll around on. The Botanic Gardens which are right beside the iconic Sydney Bridge which is right beside the magnificent Opera House which is right next to the massive naval base which overlooks the prosperous city overflowing with art and culture makes a very good starting point for any Sydney adventure. And I love that someone thought it important to count the trees.

It's going to be a difficult place to leave.






Feb 9, 2017     |     A shady scenic spot in Sydney.

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